Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Back to work today

I started to pull out the Amsterdam studies and work on those. Number one was this one here.

I just blued up the sky and water a little and added some highlights here and there. Realistically I don’t want to do too much to these, just the ones where we got rained out on, they could use some more work.

The crit was supposed to be at my place tomorrow, but I was surprised by a call from Dan May, who ran the May Gallery. He and his wife Elaine are driving up to Jackson for the weekend and will be spending the night here in Salt Lake. So Dan called and wanted to know if they could take Karin and I out to dinner at Cucina Tuscana. That happens to be one of our favorite restaurants and I just couldn’t turn them down!

Nick will pick up the slack and I’ll join them later on in the evening for the crit.

Richard Boyer

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