Thursday, August 5, 2010


The problem with flying east to west is always present around four in the afternoon, when you hit the proverbial wall and feel like dropping into a deep comatose sleep. Coffee seems to help wonders there.

I spent a large amount of time trying to transfer my jepg images from the mac over to the desktop windows. With large camera files the flash sticks just don’t seem to hold enough information to make it quick and easy. Slowly little by little I was able to move everything over to the other computer that I use in the studio.

Dave and Kay Strayer are holding the crit session tonight, so I finished off stretching the last Amsterdam paintings this afternoon and am ready to go for tonight. Maybe some red wine will stave off the time difference and I’ll last to twelve.

I put a picture of our garden on the blog from the spring and this is what it is looking like now.

The damn Quail ate all the lettuce unfortunately, somehow they managed to crawl under the netting and get to those delectable leaves. But the potatoes they couldn’t touch and look what a few plants have produced !!!

It’s going to be grilled salmon and potatoes tonight

Richard Boyer

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