Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wednesday, August 11

Green River State Park

We were short one vehicle for the drive down with the scouts. Our second car was still being rebuilt after the timing belt went; so graciously Yellow Dave, as we call him offered his car. He got the name because he sometimes wears a yellow coat. Dave is one of the scout parents, but had some thing else planned during our trip. Maybe he felt guilty for not going when he volunteered the use of his Exterra, but nevertheless we are grateful for the use of it.

The Exterra is one of those high centered vehicles towering twice the height of the Volvo, which I am accustomed to. I’m use to zipping around corners in a low profile car without slowing down much. That’s not the case with a top heavy jeep like vehicle; it’s more the feeling of tipping over around the curves. I forgot to ask Dave if he wanted the car back in one piece!

We made it down to Green River State Park, where they have a camp ground next to the river. Here we unloaded everything, put the raft together and loaded up the canoes with all our water supply. The shuttle had to be done next, all the vehicles needed to be driven down to Mineral Bottom, our end location. Our take-out spot was at the end of a long dirt road at the top of Canyonlands National Park

Kyle, Dave Strayer’s son and I were stuck with all nine scouts, so we decided to float them a little in the river. But first there was a required safety lecture that had to be administered. They all rolled their eyes and said “Do we have to?

Twenty minutes later we were walking up stream to float back to our camping spot.

Richard Boyer

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