Thursday, August 26, 2010


I keep hearing more grim news about the economy, especially from my wife’s patients. Four out of the five she saw today had somebody in their family laid off from work. God knows the art market seems to be feeling the pinch, just how dry can a dust bowl be? History always repeats itself they say, the last big recession was the savings and loan crisis that happened back in the eighties. I remember for sale signs everywhere in Salt Lake, houses were selling for next to nothing.

That’s when I bought my first place here in Salt Lake, a real fixer-upper.

Today’s first piece was this one from below. I’ll see what they say at the crit session tonight. I’m not too keen on the umbrella colors.

Next was this canal scene. I added the boat coming down the water from a photo.

Richard Boyer

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  1. Beautiful.. what kind of canvas and paints do u use ? they seem to be oil paints ... did u use GOLDEN oil paints ?