Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I worked on a few pieces today, first off this Amsterdam 14x11 below. It’s the Westerkerk, or West church on Prinsengracht. Inside is where Rembrandt was buried, or at least for a few years! That was until the family could no longer afford the church dues; the clergy then exhumed the body and gave it back to the family. Sounds like a Steven King horror movie.

One can make a reservation here to walk halfway up the tower, which is what we did one afternoon. The view was spectacular from up there looking over the town.

Most of this was done on location, but the boats had to be painting back in the studio this morning.

My next project was an older piece that I re-worked a little. I had the girls in bikinis and Southam Gallery didn’t like that idea. It’s a hard sale in Utah, they say! So I put long flowing dresses on both of them, now its PG rated for Salt Lake City.

Richard Boyer

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