Friday, August 6, 2010


The crit went well last night. Trying to keep awake until twelve proved to be more of a challenge though. We just looked at the Amsterdam work from Rick and I and tried our best to explain to everyone that a real critique on 24 painting wouldn’t be necessary. We would be there all night and besides they are just fresh out of the box. I still need to plein air plus them, as Nick calls it. That’s when you work on them in the studio, finishing off those that got cut off short in the field. I can think of a few we got rained out on.

I started a larger 36x24 today. In the beginning of October I have a small show at the Howard/Mandville Gallery and they would like a few larger pieces. This is something I need to get done fairly soon, so they could use it for advertising. So I just blocked in a night scene with lights reflecting in the water. It’s a little sloppy and loose now, I was just trying to get all the compositional problems worked out and cover the canvas.

Richard Boyer

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