Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sunday, Aug. 15


We have been putting in about eighteen miles everyday and my arms are feeling it.

Yesterday seemed like a repeat of the day before so I didn’t bother with writing anything, besides you get so tired at the end of the day that the ground pad begins to look mighty inviting!

It was the take-out day today and we arrived at Mineral Bottoms about three in the afternoon. After five days on the river it was good to get out and back to the final camp site at Green River again for a real shower. We had been washing off as best could be in the river, but still when you consider the amount of sandy sediment flowing along, washing yourself totally clean is not an option. It felt good to also get out of the sun and high temperatures.

We made it back to Green River for dinner at Ray’s and an early night.

It will be good to get back home tomorrow and start painting again.

Richard Boyer

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