Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Southam Gallery wanted another 20x30 southern Utah type landscape again. So I found this image from the Moab area. The water is gently flowing over the top of the sandstone giving it a glowing orange color. It was shallow enough so you could just walk on top of it without getting very wet.

I’ll bring some of the yellows into the painting from the trees; it was spring time so the leaves are just starting to come out with that light yellow green color. That should all play off nicely against the orange and reddish sandstone cliffs and with the blue water in the shadow area it should be just what they are looking for!

We had our figure painting session last night with Chelsey. She does a lot of modeling for Jeremy Lipking and Morgan Weistling. And since she comes from Utah and visits her family quite often, she can model for us as well; which I must add we are all grateful for. I can see why they want her for a model in California, she’s good!!!

This afternoon its back up for track skiing at Mountain Dell; I’ve been a couch potato lately standing in front of an easel painting. It will be good to burn a little of the food and wine off from Scottsdale.

Richard Boyer

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