Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday, Feb 28

I’m back in Salt Lake City now. The drive was a little slow through the snow storm up in Flagstaff. A good sized front moved through southern Utah and northern Arizona Saturday and Sunday. In fact they closed down Interstate 17 in the morning because of it. I heard they were plowing it as fast as they could, so I started out from Scottsdale. Since it would take me another hour and a half to get up there I figuring it would be open by then and thank God it was!

Well so far the show has been rather dismal. Ron called me to inform me he took a deposit on the one vertical painting of the archway and wall I did in Provence. It’s a nice start, but I’m hoping things will pick up; sometimes these art shows have a time delay that seems to kick in before sales start.

I decided to work on another horse painting again with Charlotte, our relative in Sweden. I got this image when she was bringing the horse into the stale. The play of cool and warm lights was really interesting, so hopefully I can capture some of that. This is just the block-in phase, where I figure out composition.

Richard Boyer

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