Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday, Feb 14

It would seem Valentine’s Day brought some gifts in the form of a virus. Lina came down with something on Saturday and Karin has the same today.

The Scotch tasting went well the other night at the Strayer’s, at least nobody was being fished out of the gutters and we were all able to walk home on our own accord. I think with regards to single malt, you realize quickly enough that the stuff is potent and will sneak up on you. So at least I tried to pace myself. We were each poured up four separate snifters and had to identify the subtle differences in taste. I thought I had Talisker nailed down, but was fooled by an Islay variety. I don’t think anybody there was able to correctly identify a brand, but we could all describe reasonable well the smells and flavors. Once those were emptied the next four glasses were brought out and we started all over again!

I started this 36x24 piece today. It’s an old stone wall from Bonnieux, Provence. And of course it will need some more orchestration tomorrow, as I fine tune things to see what I want to bring into the center of attention.

Richard Boyer

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