Thursday, February 17, 2011


I’m going to try do finish off a 40x30 piece for the show on Thursday. The rest of the family is going down to Bryce Canyon for a little cross-country skiing, so I can work through the weekend none stop.

Here is a few shots of the beginning and the end of the days work.

The painting is based on a smaller plein air I did over in Provence. It’s from the same village, Bonnieux as the last vertical piece I did. In fact those steps lead up to the church courtyard where that old wall is with the flowers.

I found out today that I was rejected from the small Sonoma Plein air festival. They wanted recent examples of the artists work to judge for their week long paint out in June. So for me that was, of course Amsterdam. Some how they couldn’t see past that and figures that I was limited to plein air of canals ? The odd thing is that two years ago we were in fact painting vineyards in Provence, but since they were more than a year old, I could not submit them for consideration!!!

It all comes down to Murphy’s Law, you win some and you loose some L

Richard Boyer

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