Saturday, February 26, 2011


I’ve been staying at the May’s house, enjoying good food and wine. Dan seems to be as much of a fanatic about wine as I am, that’s probably why we get along so well together.

The show pulled in a large crowd on Thursday night. With wine and food this was to be expected. Ron became worried when somebody twittered about “free wine and munchies at the May Gallery!” That always tends to bring in the wrong kind of people; the last thing you want on an opening night is a bunch of freeloaders just hanging out for the booze. They caught a couple of guy’s stuffing food and beer in their pockets. I don’t think you can get lower than that!

Nothing sold as yet, but there seemed to be a lot more interest from last years show. With the economy picking I am hopeful for a better season. We just need to see the supporters of art adding some of my work to their collections. Most of the other galleries experienced the same result on Thursdays Gallery stroll night. Some thinking it’s just a waist of time to have a show that night, because the general populous is just out for a good time of wandering around. The serious buyer usually doesn’t like to deal with the large crowds.

I met Mike Malm, who had a show at Trailside Gallery that same night. He managed to sell one piece, but was hoping like me for the frenzied buyers.

Today I’m just going to walk around the other galleries and say hello. Elaine gave me a free past to the Phoenix Art Museum, which I want to check out later this afternoon. They have a good collection of Reynolds and Terpning’s there to drool over.

Richard Boyer

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