Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday, Feb. 21

I painted through the weekend and ended up with this. The flowers were added in the lower left to add a bit more color to the piece, since I know what Ron at the May Gallery would say “Where’s the color!!!” And I also curved the steps a little, so the eye just doesn’t race up to the top.

I sent off an image to the crit group, so if there are any last minute changes I still have time to work on it in the morning.

We got more snow last night and it sounds like there will be another big front moving in Saturday and Sunday. That should make the drive back from Arizona eventful. I remember being caught in Flagstaff for hours on one trip down to Scottsdale. We got there later in the evening and at their elevation the interstate froze. The highway patrol closed it off to all traffic. We finally convinced them to let us proceed. So with Robert hanging his head out the window to help see the edge of the road, we crept forward at about 25 mph. Two hours later we dropped down enough in elevation where the snow and ice changed over into rain.

Our arrival into Scottsdale was quite late at night; there we killed a bottle or two of wine sitting by the pool. What a difference seven thousand feet can make!

Richard Boyer

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