Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I was all ready to paint yesterday, when an old friend from the University of Utah called. Dave Young was in town for an extended weekend and called to see if I wanted to go skiing. The night before a fast moving snow storm hit the mountains and dumped about two feet of fresh powder….I couldn’t say no!

So I blew off the day and met up with them to spend the day shamelessly skiing. We were planning on Snowbird, but since the canyon there was closed for avalanche control with no signs of opening up anytime soon, we switched over to Big Cottonwood Canyon. There we decided on Solitude Ski Resort, with the parking lot almost empty we figured they might offer the best shot at fresh, untracked snow.

Dave and Fred were on regular downhill skis, another on a snowboard and myself trying to keep up on three pin or telemark equipment. We tried every steep run they had to offer through the woods in search of some good powder and today my quads are feeling it. The sun was shinning all day long as we raced down to empty lift lines. By mid afternoon we were all pretty much burnt out. It was a killer day and worth skipping work!

That’s why I felt guilty and spent a longer day on this one trying to get it close to done. It still needs another session to pick on the small details and maybe I can do that tomorrow after spending the morning at Lina’s school.

I’ve been reserved as the token ceiling painter artist for much of the morning, as the kids balance on tables to reach up there for the Sistine Chapel project………..this should be interesting!

Richard Boyer

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