Friday, March 4, 2011


Nothing like being cut off at the knees. The crit session was ruthless last night and before I knew it the horse painting was filled with mistakes. The image I was using was distorted, so that made parts of the horse too big and also lacked detail in the shadow areas. I was bluntly informed that the figure was a little too large.

Anytime somebody tells you that something is too large in the painting; it means you basically have to re-paint the entire figure. I can’t really just cut off a quarter inch from the top of her head without lowering every other feature down as well. This is where the artist could really use the cut and paste feature of modern technology.

So today I washed out many parts of the anatomy of the horse and lowered parts of the girl. Another words the painting is under renovation for the next couple of days!


I did re-work a river painting earlier. The small 12x16 is from our last San Juan River trip and the bushes covered over the view of the water, so I removed them and gave some more details to the back ground.

Richard Boyer

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  1. I was bluntly informed that the figure was a little too large. "

    too large for what?

    size is relative -- in this case to the horse.

    And if you are painting from a photo, presumably, things have the right proportions.

    "image distortions' wouldn't change things that are close together: the woman and the horse's head, for example.

    On the other hand, when someone drinks a lot of wine, it does affect proportion (or at least the judgement of it) :)

    --Larry darkness