Thursday, March 10, 2011


This morning we found out that somebody was using our credit card number in California. Luckily the card people red flagged the suspicious activity and put a stop to it, no charges went through. They told us that the scumbag was trying to buy sixty dollars worth at a Walmart in southern California and then again more junk at a Rite-Aid store. We are just trying to figure out how they got the number. The fraud department said that we were protected and a new card was being issued as we spoke. I am so glad they were smart enough to catch the spending spree before it got started!

I’m just hoping now they can catch who ever did it, as I am sure its not just our card they are using but a collection of card numbers they have amassed.

May death come swiftly to them, and their eyes eaten out by flies!!!

Now that I am completely off track, let me get back to what I worked on today. Actually I was still wondering why the moron didn’t go for something big, I mean Walmart…come on, how cheap can you get ???


Since the crit is tonight, I decided to finish off the southern Utah piece, or at least enough so that they could critique it. I’m still wondering if maybe a figure or two crossing the stream would add to it? Some kids playing in the water could really bring in some interest.

Richard Boyer

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