Friday, March 18, 2011


Ron sold this piece, but it turns out the clients didn’t like the figures in it…… he sent it back to me to have them removed!

Personally I think it’s more empty now, so I added some light to the stones and threw a flowery plant in at the top. It helps a little, but still without the woman in there your eye does tend to race up the stairs. But, the client is always right and their wish is my command!

Well in a recession at least it is! I can’t really say no to a potential sale.

I also worked a little on the southern Utah piece here. From the crit session last night, they felt I needed a lighter left foreground. So I worked on the bank of the river and added some lighter values. Also more orange was put into the cliff at the back. I just need to get it down to Southam Gallery before Tuesday.

I’m leaving on a five day backpacking trip through Grand Gulch in southern Utah. We did a section of it last year and now are doing a stretch farther upstream that will take us out through Bullet Canyon.

Richard Boyer

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