Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday, Feb. 14

So we finally got the new credit card, which of course means that all the accounts that normally were paid from the old card, now have to be informed about the new change. In most cases this actually runs quite smoothly, except for our email account, which is outsourced to India!

After listening to one of those voice activated systems for twenty minutes, my voice was beginning to show the irritation. This was apparent in the mechanized response of, “I’m sorry, did you mean (insert some totally arbitrary phrase, so far removed from what I was looking for.) Screaming back into the phone probably didn’t help much, after a dozen times of it asking me if I’d like to go back to the main menu, I started pressing the “0” button and saying operator. I was hoping for the outside chance that it would stop the merciless tape and sent me over to a live person.

Nothing happened and I was directed back again for the tenth time to the main menu, asking me if I’d like to hear it in Spanish.

Finally I got through to my New Delhi counterpart. In a very short voice I complained about their long winded voice system. My response was “I am very sorry, we are working on that!”

Obviously a lie!

Confusion set in when I tried to explain about updating our credit card number. He wanted the old number for verification……well the old number was cut up into a hundred small pieces and thrown out. He didn’t like that! That involved thinking out side the box to verify my existence.

In the end and forty five minutes later they had the number updated…… time I’ll just let it laps and then they could give me a call. Maybe I’ll keep them waiting and give the phone to the dog for twenty minutes.

I started a new piece today, just the block in phase to figure out the composition.

Richard Boyer

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