Monday, March 7, 2011


We loaded up the car this morning; a rather slow argues process of carrying out various bags and food supplies and placing them in the back of the car when they are finally ready. The whole time the dog is nervously watching, shacking with excitement, anticipation of a road trip to some exotic location where we will all clamor out and hike off on some adventure. She has been following us out to the car anytime we have a bag in hand, then turning around to follow back in the house again. This timely process must be driving the dog to the point of a nervous breakdown. The “not knowing” if she will be asked to follow with or escorted back into the house to wait until the occupants of the vehicle return.

The reality is you could explain to Sasha as much as you want that it “Will” be following with you, but the dog just stares back with a blank look of being clueless. Finally after a quick lunch the skis were loaded in the bubble on top and we took off for the cabin. The long nervous wait for the dog was over; it jumped into the back and collapsed into a ball for the hour journey up to the cabin,

It knew that she was to be included in the family gathering. She was now content.

When we arrived Karin and I gathered our skate skis and headed up to Northfork for a quick ten kilometer run, Sasha was in ecstasy running at full speed ahead of us. That was until we reached the top at Soapstone Basin, then it was back downhill and a different story for the dog. With skate skies one can move along at a very fast rate, especially when it is flat or with a slight decline. Add a little late afternoon ice into the equation and the dog is desperately trying to catch up to you as you effortlessly rocket back down.

Its now sprawled out on the floor in a hibernation type trance. Content, and dreaming of tomorrows expedition.

Richard Boyer

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