Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The snow is still around; although the temperature is above 50 the cloud cover is keeping the sun away from doing its job. I worked on the southern Utah piece again. To me it looked like the back ground needed to be opened up a little, so I chopped away at the sandstone cliff to reveal a little sky color which I am also going to bring down into the water more. It’s still not done, but I’ll see if I can wrap this up tomorrow for the crit session.

Cross country skiing was fun up at Alta Ski Resort and surprisingly nobody got injured. My son included, who found it amusing to rocket down the hill and then shoot off into the powder by the side. The result was that the skies dived down into the snow and he would go flying head over heals into the white fluffy stuff. I heard the comment from several people nearby “My God, I hope he’s okay!!!” Only then would he surface form the rubble to try it all over again.

Richard Boyer

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