Tuesday, March 8, 2011


We woke up this morning with a good foot of heavy wet snow. Karin woke me up with the request to dig out the cars so the kids could get to school:: all of this naturally before my morning coffee. Half and hour later and with a tired back we had one of the cars free. The other we figured would melt itself from the grips of the snow during the course of the day. It was suppose to get up to fifty degrees in the afternoon and by tomorrow all traces of the snow should be gone. Such is the weather here in Utah.

This afternoon we are all heading up to Alta for the Utah Nordic Alliance end of season pizza party. But first, the rule is that everyone needs to ride the lift up with their cross country skis on and fly down the hill in some uncontrolled fashion. Most of the kids just point them in a straight line and rocket downhill, by the time they reach the bottom their speed is close to mach one and would warrant an ambulance close by. Its fun nevertheless and all the kids seem to really get into it!

Here’s a picture of our backyard snow.

Richard Boyer

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