Thursday, March 3, 2011


Well I got a call from the May Gallery yesterday; Joseph said he sold two smaller works. As he put it, a woman flew in on her private jet from back east to view the show…….for some I guess money is no object! Still I keep wondering why she would pick up just two small works, when the fuel cost for a private Learjet would have been twice that. But I can not complain, a sale is a sale and God knows it would be nice to get much more of those. Ron did mention that he also has a deposit on the larger 36x24 archway painting I did of the mountain village in Provence. So I am also hoping that will go through.

Here is today’s project, actually the last several days I should say. I’ll show it to the crit group tonight and let the fellow comrade’s blast away at it. I’m still unresolved about the dress; it looks too much the same as the last painting I did of her. In Sweden I took all these reference shots of Charlotte, but failed to realize that it’s redundant in the same cloths !

Next time I need to think ahead a little more and ask her to change outfits a few times.

Richard Boyer

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