Monday, August 1, 2011


Nothing like a summer cold. A week ago Victor came down with a fever that soon developed into the classic runny nose and coughing misery. It was the inevitable time bomb waiting to move through the family, we were taking bets on who would be the next victim. It was Karin a few days ago, and now its me. I’ll be confined to a box of tissues for the next few days !

Yesterday afternoon the sunny weather finally arrived. I went out to do a painting down the road of some sheep in the morning and started under cloudy skies, which is always nice to paint in since you don’t have the glair of the sun on your canvas. An hour and a half later I was in full sun and had to quit; but at least I go a good start. I kept talking to the sheep as I painted, they can actually be quite social, asking them to keep still; but that didn’t get me too far! They would just look at me and run up the hill.

We’ll spend the day here then head back to Östhammar tonight.

Richard Boyer

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