Tuesday, August 9, 2011


We loaded Elsie in the car with the four of us and took a drive through the countryside and along the coast. The rain was coming down as usual, but we figured it wasn’t worth just sit around, depressed in the house wishing for a better day, its just not going to happen with rain predicted the entire week here. So we ventured out, taking a drive down memory lane for Karin’s mother. First was a stop at “Johanna’s Museum”. This man born sometime around 1912 started out as a car mechanic and builds his first car; from then on he began collecting old items from cars, bikes, tools and anything else you could imagine. The museum is filled with these things all in pristine condition and most of which you can handle. Great for those of us who like to press the old horns on the Model T’s and see how loud they echo in the building.

Our next stop was a farmhouse the family owned back when I met Karin. At the end of a long dirt road out in the middle of the fields was the small stone house. We use to spend some time here eons ago it seems. But now the place looks so much different, they had renovated it up to modern standards. We knocked at the door but nobody was home.

From there we drove a short distance to the coast and walked around the windy shoreline. With the storm clouds rolling in it made for some nice contrast. The waves were crashing along the break wall and spray was flying up in the air. It was a nice summer day with everybody in sweaters and raincoats!

Here are a few pictures.

Richard Boyer

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