Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday, Aug.22

Yesterday was the big Cray fishing day up at Strawberry Reservoir. Our friend Hank was up there early with some home made traps pulling them in left and right. He had five traps going and was amazed at the size and abundance of the crustaceans. Hank was pulling them in just a few minutes after placing them. When our family arrived up there at 11:30 he already had a cooler full of the beasts. It was my job to cook them all in the traditional Swedish style. I borrowed an industrial four burner gas stove that I was able to set up on the shore. With plenty of water, porter beer, crown dill and salt I went to work. Two pots going and the production started. We were able to process them all. It’s generally a grueling procedure since all the Crayfish have to be systematically cleaned out by placing them in a series of clean water tubs, before they are boiled. We were finally done around six in the evening and I was exhausted, ready to sit down with a cold beer. But that was not to be, we still had an hour and a half drive back to our house.

Here is a short video clip Markus did of the life of a Crayfish. Unfortunately all the ones in the trap are slated to be executed !

Richard Boyer

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