Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday, Aug 8

We are now down in Skåne at the very southern tip of Sweden. And its harvesting season down here, everywhere you look there are people out with the columbines cutting down tracts of wheat and oats. It turns into a mad rush to get everything cut before the rains arrive. The ground and the hay itself all has to have a certain percent of moister, it’s actually down to quite a science. If the rain gets everything wet again, they are committed to waiting a few days until the crops can dry out. The whole week here is looking very sketchy with rain every other day.

Well since I am not a farmer, we decided to go to the beach this morning. It was sunny with nice large fluffy clouds in the sky. Falsterbo was our location and with the wind blowing hardly anyone was there. I decided to do a small painting up in the dunes as the rest swam in the sea. I was having a fun time in the sun painting the blowing dune grass. I’ll have to improvise some people into it later to give it more interest.

We just dropped Lina off at the train station; she has a friend in Copenhagen and will be visiting them for the next two days. They came over by train to pick her up late this afternoon and we will do the same over there on Wednesday. On the way back from the station we watched a wall of dark clouds moving across the fields; a dark front coming from Denmark. The clouds had that eerie greenish blue color that one might be concern about if you lived in Kansas. Instead we got hit with the torrent down pour. So we are back at Elna and Sivert’s house now enjoying Gin & Tonics on a glass porch.

Richard Boyer

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