Friday, August 26, 2011


The crit went well last night, organized and to the point. Yes, you guessed it: that one member who can ramble on and on, the one who always seems to break his wine glass, or spill it across the floor, wasn’t here. He was kicked out of his apartment in the summer for failing to pay the rent and now lives at a friends house in the middle of the valley; a distance too far to walk!

Well I worked on a few of the pieces from Sweden. This first one they wanted the door to the left closed, so I left it slightly open and it seems to lead the eye more towards the center of interest.

The next one I opened the barn door and brought up the color in the second barn in the back ground.

Ditto to this one also, I opened the barn door and distressed the wood a little more. Another words aged the barn 50 years, something the home owned would never approve of in reality.

Richard Boyer

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