Wednesday, August 3, 2011


We are still having sunshine here; it’s almost unbelievable for Sweden. Yesterday we drove about 30 kilometers south to Karin’s brothers house in the middle of a large track of land. I am jealous; they bought a nice place in the country right by a lake. Several of the structures are from the early 1800’s, with the main house up on a hill overlooking the water. It would be the perfect spot for a studio with plenty of subject matter to keep an artist busy for some time.

They have eleven hens and two rosters. The family has decided that two is more than enough; they tend to make a lot of racket in the morning, playing off of each other. And since the sunrises here rather early in summer, one of them has to go. With the coming of fall, the old roster will get the ax and be “coq de vin” for dinner.

Karin fly’s back tomorrow and I will stay on another two weeks with Victor and Lina. We have a trip to southern Sweden planed with Karin’s mother.


Richard Boyer

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