Thursday, August 4, 2011


After dropping Karin off at the airport and waiting around for an hour as they did their long-winded security check. Asking important queries as to what you have and who packed it, so just for a moment lets try to visualize the terrorist answering these questions truthfully and to the best of his knowledge!!!

Markus friend actually had a camping knife in his carry-on that he forgot about, it made it though from Salt Lake City all the way to Stockholm. “So much for security checks.”

We took a short drive up to Öregrund today. The sun was out and the idea of sitting on a rock by the sea sounded ever so inviting. From our vantage point we could look out over open water and although you can’t see it; across the other side of the sea would be Finland. We basked in the sun for much of the afternoon. Now I know how those Walruses feel on the nature channel, not a care in the world!

Richard Boyer

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