Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday , Aug 29.

Over the weekend we had the Crayfish party with some friends up in the small town of Wanship. The beer was flowing and there were piles of the red crustaceans heaped up on the tables. They invited a large crowd of Swedes to gather up there and that usually means one thing. “Heavy drinking!” With caps and bibs on we all looked like guests of a five year olds birthday party.

I think Hank and I ate the most crayfish, we figured the amount of energy used to de-shell the things was the same energy you would get from eating it. Somebody had to tell Hank to stop after several hours. The Weber River flows through their yard so people were just throwing the shells in the water. It was decedent with shot after shot of snaps and song.

The following day was a little slow going though. I think most of Sunday was just lying around.

It was a good party!!!

Richard Boyer

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