Thursday, August 11, 2011


The rain is pouring down today. We had planned to do a small trip up along the coast, but are waiting now for a break in the weather. Right !!!

Yesterday in the late afternoon we took the train over to Copenhagen to meet up with Lina. From where we are here out in the country it took about 45 minutes with the new bridge, quite an achievement in modern engineering. Now anyone form southern Sweden can hop on the train and get quickly to Copenhagen’s international airport, the first stop across the sound.

I did a small YouTube clip of last years adventure, but with the rain this time I decided to just take the camera. We were only going over to meet her at Osterpoort, the train station a few stops after the central station.

We drove the car and parked it at Hyllie train station just outside of Malmö and after waiting ten minutes we were on a high-speed train racing across the bridge. There is a man-made island in the middle of the channel they build to change the rail line and road over from the bridge to an underground tunnel. There they basically sunk tubes down to the sea bottom and welded them together to make it airtight. Not a very comforting thought when the train starts it’s downward decent into the depths. One leak and everyone would be gone!!!

Well after a few minutes we were seeing daylight coming up into Denmark. We stayed on to Osterpoort and met Lina with he friend’s family. There we exchanged greetings and small talk and were back on a return train 15 minutes later. Siwert, our Skåne relative thought the whole operation went very slick. We were back for dinner within a short time.

Richard Boyer

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