Saturday, July 30, 2011


The month of July has come to an end and with it the end of the Swedish summer vacation. The restaurants and shops will open up again ready for business after their long break. The visiting tourists will no longer be at awe that an establishment could actually shut its doors for business during one of the busiest months. The signs will once again hang in the windows “open for business”

We were driving up to Hälsingland again today, traveling in the opposite direction of the returning flow. A flow of RV’s and motor homes much like the migration of salmon in the spring, a non-stop caravan of traffic coming towards us. The thirtieth of July, the end of summer vacation for nine million Swedes. I would just like to thank God that we were not part of the snail-paced migration.

The weather is predicted to be sunny up here so with rainy clouds still in the air, I decided to go out and produce this piece. Hopefully tomorrow it will improve.

We just watched on TV a remembrance service in the main church in Oslo; a remembrance for the 77 innocent victims of a mentally deranged fanatic. It was a collection of Norwegian groups, dedicating their artistic talent to those massacred.

Richard Boyer

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