Sunday, July 24, 2011


I woke up this morning to clear skies; this bright orb was shining down light and I actually saw my shadow. I still have to determine what it is? It’s gone now as I writ this! My daughter was up and I decided it best to seize the moment and head to the small lake about a kilometer down our gravel road. Bofara Lake, as they call it is surrounded by farmland and forests, except for a small area where they brought in sand to make a beach. There they have dock extending out where people can swim. They also have a good selection of small rowboats beached to the side. We thought maybe I could paint while Lina swam. The idea was working just fine in the beginning, until the winds started to pick up. An hour later I was holding down my easel against the forces; that’s when we decided it was enough as the black rain clouds moved in. I finished this piece off in the barn as the wind howled outside.

Last night I worked on some old barns down the road.

I got a call from Markus and Gage, they are back from their camping trip in Östhammar and reported only one day of rain up in Åre where they were forced to take shelter in a youth hostel. We’ll be leaving tomorrow to meet Karin and her mother at the airport and then on to Östhammar ourselves. The boys said they would have dinner waiting………hum I wonder what they have in mind?

Richard Boyer

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