Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Yesterday it poured down basically most of the day, in the afternoon it decided to really let loose in buckets. We were mesmerized by the volumn of water shooting over the top of the already filled gutter from the roof and cascading to the ground below like a waterfall. It felt like Armageddon, time to build the arc! It was another one of those reading days.

This morning we woke up to blue sky. Markus and Gage, the older boys were heading up to the small ski resort town of Åre, about four hours north of here. There they plan on hiking and climbing up to a remote lake behind the mountains and setting up a campsite. Basically they wanted to get away from the parents! Karin gave them a ride to the train station this morning in Bollnas.

I decided to work on a few paintings while the good weather lasted.

Last night around midnight the rain stopped and the fog rolled in. I went out with the camera. The mist was hanging close to the ground and made for some nice subject matter: everything took on a mysterious quality as it became lost in the shroud of mist. I did a small 9x12 this morning in the barn.

The other 12x16 is a start of a piece I did the day before when they had the cousin’s party. I posed Sofia and Olov in the barn for this quick plein air piece. It will still need some work when I get back to the studio

Richard Boyer

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