Saturday, July 16, 2011


Thursday was a nice sunny day, one of those lazy days when you just feel like lying around. That evening the high altitude clouds came in and we woke up Friday to pouring rain.

I am use to Utah where it usually rains for a brief moment and then its over. Here in Sweden it’s the opposite; a dark grey sky will move in overhead and it will continue to rain non-stop the entire day. I don’t think we had a break in the downpour for even a few minutes. We tried to get out and do a few things in the yard, but the conditions were just miserable.

This was the kind of day to just park your self inside and read a book.

Today they have planed a large family re-union, sixty or so relatives from the middle of Sweden, another words Karin’s father’s side of the family will gather in the small one horse town of H√§lbo. Some of these relatives are known for their home brewed Vodka. They are always impressed when somebody brings a state controlled liquor bottle with a sealed screw cap. It makes such a nice sound they say when one opens it, something they are not use to. In most cases they will bring out a jug, blow off the dust and mix it with orange juice in a rather over sized cup and hand it to you with a smile. I remember as the token American in the family I was always subject to try the concoction several times in strong dosages. I found out that it’s really hard to fall asleep when the world is spinning around in your bed!

I won’t make that mistake again.

Here’s a picture or two of our place and the barn.

Richard Boyer

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