Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Another 4th of July went by with all limbs still attached, no fingers blow off or loss of sight. This may have something to do with my wife. They had a ban on all fireworks in our neighborhood since we are so close to the foothills covered in all that dry grass. Lina and I nevertheless bought a package of fireworks from the local grocery store. As darkness fell Lina brought the assortment of fire starters out to the front porch. We had guests over for dinner and were all enjoying some wine when Karin noticed the cellophane wrapped explosives. She shot a look in our direction, “You’re not lighting those off!” Our plan was foiled; we were reduced to a few boring sidewalk sparklers. Our visions of rockets exploding overhead would have to wait until another time, or at least when Karin is not around!

We leave tomorrow for Sweden. So as expected today will be one of those busy days taking care of all the last minute items including packing. But first the laundry needs to dry!

I got this painting back from Mockingbird Gallery and decided to work on it today. If I can get a hold of anybody at Southam Gallery, I’ll drop it off there before I leave. It’s a scene from Brugge, Belgium. I caught this image of a carriage driver returning home as he turned the corner into the light.

My next entry will be from Sweden, when I get a chance to get back on-line. The have a cell phone plug-in device that lets you surf basically anywhere in Sweden. So even up in remote Hälsingland I will have internet reception.

Richard Boyer

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