Friday, July 8, 2011


“Houston, …….the Eagle has landed!”

Our location is Sturagatan, Stockholm at the small apartment the family owns in the middle of town. The building from the 1800’s is actually located in a courtyard in the middle of the city block, so although the traffic can be raging out on the streets, it’s nice and quiet in here. As you can see from the pictures the location is quite idealistic: from here you can walk to almost any where in Stockholm.

The flight was uneventful, except for JFK airport. We might as well have been in some third world country; I’ve never seen an airport so unorganized. We landed on time, but were forced to wait at a run far from the terminal for close to 15 minutes in order to cross over an active section where the planes were taking off. Visions of the Canary Island’s 747 jumbo jet crash from the 70’s came to mind. Once we got through that ordeal we waited another 15 minutes for the planes to clear out from our gate. The whole time it was just waiting for ineptness. We could have just walked to our connecting flight in a few minutes; instead it took us an hour.

We took a nap and are waiting around for a friend of Markus to arrive. My wife doesn’t like when I mention all the kids and friends names, so I’ll refer to Gage Upwall, social security number 567-40-9909, birthday 01/17/1993 as the “lost child from America”

Gage actually tried to get on our flight but booked everything a little late and ended up on the Salt Lake to Paris route with a lovely six-hour layover. With jet lag setting in he is most likely still sleeping on the terminal bench at gate C-4 in Charles De Galles Airport.

He is suppose to be taking the train from Stockholm airport in to the main train station in town, so if he doesn’t show up then we will know something went wrong. Maybe it would be best not to say anything about it to his parents!!!

Richard Boyer

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