Friday, July 22, 2011


This intermittent rain is driving me nuts !

How is an artist supposed to paint out doors when it’s drizzling?

That’s how it was yesterday and how it is today; we did have a few hours last night when the clouds parted and the sun came out for a bit. I decided to seize the moment and went out to do this small 9x12 down the road. It’s an old hay storage barn and there are literally hundreds of them in the area. If the weather would cooperate it would be fun to do more of them!

Karin and her mother flew down to southern Sweden yesterday afternoon, Elsie has a sister turning eighty, and so they wanted to be there for the weekend party. I’ll pick them up from the airport on Monday evening. So the few of us left here have decided to try and cut the hedgerow in front of the house between the raindrops. Right now Victor is doing the sides, but since the bushes are close to eight feet tall it will be my job to balance on the latter to get the top level. It’s a once a year project that has to be done, so why not pick a nice overcast gloomy day?

Richard Boyer

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  1. Hey, Richard

    Are those happy trees?

    -- Larry Darkness