Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This is what I've been working on the last few days. If you remember it from before I had the tables arranged differently, so I decided to push them around a bit. Yeah, right, just like in photo-shop! Actually I had to block them out and re-paint some of them. I also added a white umbrella and reduced some of the flowers, so hopefully now the eye can now meander through the painting better.

I was going to bring this piece with me to Bend, Oregon. Jim Petersen from the Mockingbird Gallery is having a paint-out week. So Rick Graham and I will drive ten hours straight west to meet with a bunch of other artists and do some plein air work for a show he is putting on next Friday. Rick was going to bring the laptop, so I can keep up-dated on location there.

The sheet rockers have hung all the dry wall, so now we have real walls down in the basement !!!

Now the dusty part begins with the sanding.

Richard Boyer


  1. There's not much dust if you use one of those electric palm sanders that is designed to be hooked to a shop vac (with a fine filter on the vac)

    Actually, even if you have a palm sander that is not designed for that, you can collect most of the dust by holding the vac hose just below the sander.

    Problem is, most people use one of those pole sanders, which actually don't do as good a job as the electric sander and which create a huge amount of dust that goes everywhere in the house.
    --Larry darkness

  2. By the way, Richard.

    You need a shadow below the table furthest to the right.

    --Larry darkness