Saturday, September 11, 2010


Today is the big day, the Avenue’s Street Fair, a one day event where they close down six blocks and open it up to vendors and artists. Every year they pick a different street to have it on, so as not to antagonize the local population. And this time it just so happens to be right around the corner from us.

Our boy scout Troup 34 has a booth set up to tell the world about their organization. So Markus, Victor and I have volunteered to help. One of the local coffee shops here donated four pounds for us to give away and that where my job comes in. Due to our location being so close, it was only logical that I should brew the coffee here at the house. Martin dropped off two large industrial sized percolators and a couple of four gallon thermoses last night. Karin and I were up at seven this morning to start the brewing process, while Martin and the other scouts set up the tables at the fair. The coffee will be used as a fund raiser, a small donation is asked for the cup of Columbian roast and so far they have burned through two pounds. I’m at home now again brewing up some more. It would appear that the coffee was a good commodity. So far they have raised over one hundred and fifty dollars. Not bad for something they got for free!

I walked around a little also looking into some of the other booths. Everybody from politicians to local churches were represented; Asian cuisine to sickly sweet spun sugar stands and the array of amateur painters to potters. At both ends they had live bands playing to add to the festive experience.

A balloon popped and I watched a little girl slowly inhaling for that tragic scream of agony. Her life coming to an end as the string fell to the ground with just a bit of plastic remaining at the end. The mother was trying her best to comfort the teary eyed daughter. “Those things happen, honey!”
Some how the girl didn’t seemed to accept that as a viable excuse as she looked at the limp string in her hand.

I moved on to see Lina’s booth. For the past month she and her friend Katie have been working on duct tape items such as wallets, place mats and purses. Spirits were high, but the sales were not. Karin finally put down seventeen dollars at their stand and picked up a few items to stimulate the economy.

Karin was also scheduled to put in a few hours at the LDS hospital booth. They had glass vials with sugar set up next to various food items to show how unhealthy they were. They were there to answer any of your health care questions.

At 3:30 I left, it was enough

Richard Boyer

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