Thursday, September 23, 2010


We painted late yesterday and I promised to make dinner for the group. So there was no time to post the results from the day. Wednesday morning was spent back at Smith Rock. We found a view from afar and decided on that. I threw a road in the foreground to add some interest.

In the afternoon we went down to the gallery to look for subject matter there. Jim wanted a plein aire piece from downtown, so I decided on this right in front of the gallery. As it turns out there were a couple in there looking over my Amsterdam pieces. His wife was from Holland and moved over to the states forty odd years ago. We talked about the paintings and they decided to buy two of them as a memory.


As I painted out front I met quite a crowd and did my best to get them all in the gallery. Jim liked the idea of free advertising, nothing like parking an artist right out front. For me it was a chance to get them in and interested in my work.

This morning Rick and I spent our time fixing and changing small things on our works, getting them up to the level of deserving a frame around them. By two in the afternoon we were driving them done to the gallery. Thursday was the day to turn all work in for the show tomorrow. There seemed to be hundreds of painting lying around against the walls. Jim was busy photographing them all and logging them into his inventory. Then they will all be put up on the web site. His plan was to hang everything tonight after closing time. I have a feeling he’s going to be there until two in the morning!

We offered to help, but he insisted on doing it alone.

Richard Boyer

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