Thursday, September 16, 2010


We have the crit tonight so I just worked a little on this one, mainly blocking in the stone walls better. I put a couple of figures at the top to see how they would look.

I’ll bring about four paintings up to Nick’s place to have critiqued and hopefully I can get them finished off on Friday. Sunday morning I’ll drive around to pick up Rick Graham and we’ll head out along route 84 until we hit the small town of Ontario, Oregon. Then we take off on one of the most desolate roads in the nation across the high plains of eastern Oregon. It’s about a four hour drive in more or less a straight line, past sage brush and the occasional juniper tree, for as far as the eye can see. And there are signs that say “Next gas 130 miles!” No wonder you see old rusted cars out in the middle of nowhere.

Ten and a half hours later we should be pulling up to Jim Petersen’s house, right in the middle of his nine year old daughters birthday party. I took Lina today to help me pick out a small present. One thing I’ve learned is that you can not show up to a nine year olds birthday party empty handed !!! You will get some real disappointed looks then.

Lina I had out early from school so we could visit the doctor, she was dancing in the living room yesterday and fell over on her wrist. According to the doc, it’s just sprained and not a small fracture. So as it was we had time to procure the present for my trip.

Unfortunately I will be missing my son’s birthday, Victor will be turning 15 on Tuesday.

Richard Boyer

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