Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I worked on a painting from Herrengracht today. When I was painting this scene I had the luxury of a bench to use by the canal. A large tree shaded me, so I sat down and started to paint. Soon I noticed a couple staring over my shoulder. I made sure my camera was buried in my pack and that the pack was tied up to the easel. Five minutes went by and they were still there just quiet as could be. I turned around to talk to them. They then stuttered out that they were from Brazil and didn't know much English, let alone Dutch.

It was his wife, who was interested in the process and I invited them to sit down next to me on the bench so as to see maybe better. They both eagerly agreed and stayed there the entire time until I finally finished two hours later.

For me that was a first. Never have I seen that kind of patients to watch a painting from start to finish from a bystander.

Richard Boyer

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  1. She was probably an aspiring artist, cuz those are the only types who would show such interest.

    The normal tourist clicks a photo and that's it.

    -- Larry Darkness