Monday, September 6, 2010


Your Brain on Computers - Studying the Brain Off the Grid, Professors Find Clarity -

I’ve been seeing more and more clips from the river trip we did, the river trip with all the famous research scientists. I, as the token artist and having absolutely nothing to do with the studies they were involved in, never really was of much interest to the story. Their excuse was that I would draw away the attention from their article at hand, a distraction for the main point. Therefore no link was established to my web site and no interview done with the artist. In reality they most likely wouldn’t want to hear my viewpoint of a study about” being disconnected from technology”.

What could I really say, that I though the study was a total waist of time. Similar to a wasted money studying the preferences of a poodle wearing a red or pink knitted pullovers. In reality how hard is it to figure out what happened when you take off on a vacation. Duh….you begin to relax and smell the roses. Is it really that hard to turn off the damn cell phone and just disconnect from the outside world. Most of us do it any ways when we sleep eight hours at night! Maybe an interview with somebody from the 70’s might give a clearer picture of what it was like without a cell phone?

Grant it I would have loved a full page spread on the front side of the New York Times about my artistic endeavors, but still I should be grateful that they even bothered to mention me as the “Quiet outdoorsman”. What they used was more artistic license to describe me.

Report: Unplugging frees your mind – The Chart - Blogs

At least I can be consoled in the fact that they did get me in a few silent footages of the “Quiet outdoorsman painting” and a mention of my name in the article.

Richard Boyer


  1. You go girlfriend!! You tell it like it is..

  2. Richard,

    You have far more patience than i do.

    I'd rather spend a week in the dentist's chair than a week with someone talking about how great and important they are .

    I spent my first two years of college with the latter type and eventually left to get as far away as possible from them (Utah)

    ironically, electonic distractions (cell phone, gameboys, etc) are the only thing that makes some of these people (like the guy waiting for his grant) tolerable to those around them.

    -- Larry Darkness