Monday, September 13, 2010

If you remember our basement project that we started eons ago? Well finally we got it to the point where it’s ready for the sheet rockers. Odi and his crew will be coming by soon to at least drop off all the materials. As he put it about 40 sheets, which will weigh several tons. I’m glad I don’t have to lift that around!

So maybe by the end of the week we will have the walls all covered and ready for paint. I need to run out to the local store and pick up some plastic to cover the entrance down to the basement, or else we will have the entire house covered in the fine white dust of gypsum. It’s amazing how far that stuff will float in the air, until you finally get the walls painted.

It was a long day yesterday getting all the last minute things taken care of, before it all gets covered up. From experience now I started taking photo’s of the walls beforehand. It won’t be the first time some outlet is inadvertently covered over with sheet rock.

Today I started on a quick block-in of some stairs in Provence for the Howard/Mandville show. It’s a 40x30 from the town of Banon. The stone steps are most likely from the 1400’s.

Richard Boyer

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  1. Hey,

    Looks like the folks from Planet of the Samoans did a good job digging your former crawl space out.

    Where'd they put all the dirt, in the neighbor's yard?

    --Larry Darkness