Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Today we went up to Camp Sherman on the Metilous River. A couple other artists were up at the fish hatchery painting, there is an old wooden bridge that crosses over a part of the river with some white water. I set up on the bridge down from Bart Walker and did a view looking up river. The light was overcast in the morning which made for some great color in the water, but by midday I was struggling with the sun that came out. I ran back to the car to grab Rick’s umbrella which seemed to help.

The Vancil’s came by with brownies, as I worked away. You maybe wondering who they are, well they have a painting of mine as well as a few other artists in the Mockingbird gallery. They have been supporters of the arts for quite a while and were excited to hear about this plein air event, so much so that they came by yesterday with brownies for the artists. But Bart and I were down in the valley at Smith Rock and they told us today that it was too much of a walk to deliver the goodies to us. But today they saw us and made the effort to hand deliver some fresh home made brownies. I was grateful for the morning treat and pleased to meet them again. I inhaled it.

This afternoon we went back to the General store and did this view. I need to do a little plein air plus work on it, since the light moved around and I lost the original feeling of the piece.

Richard Boyer

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