Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday, Oct. 3

Over the weekend it was lumber jack time up at the cabin. Our wood supply was getting low and since winter comes early up at that elevation, we had to go out and collect dead wood. This is actually quite an easy thing to do; once you drive up into the Uinta National Forest you’ll find fallen trees everywhere. We found a good spot halfway up the dirt road at Soapstone Basin; just past the cabins there by the side of the road we found several large pine trees that had fallen down. With our small bow saw we cut up the logs into six to eight foot lengths and filled up the car three times. It was hard work hauling large logs around and cutting them up into manageable pieces; but now I think we have a good winters supply. We just need to cut them all up into smaller lengths for the fireplace. I think we were far too tires to do that this weekend, so it’ll be next week.

I decided to start another painting today of the relatives in Sweden. It’s a scene where they were all picking flowers on the side of a small hill.

Richard Boyer

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