Thursday, October 13, 2011


Okay back when I was a student I learned very quickly that there was a limit on how long food would keep in the refrigerator. When it starts to turn that classic off gray color or develop patches of green growing like grass; it’s safe to say to throw it in the garbage can.

Now when it comes to items in a box I tend to be rather clueless. Such was the case last night with a box of taco shells. I pulled a chair up to reach the upper shelves in the cupboard and discovered a box of the store bought corn shells, blew off the dust and thought nothing more about it as I prepared the fixing for a taco dinner for the family. My wife was still at work and I had to get Lina and Victor feed before a parent teacher conference that evening.

When everything was ready I called them both and we sat down to eat. “These taco shells taste funny!” was Lina’s remark, “Kind of like chemicals”

Maybe they are just a little old, I responded

Victor made the comment that they tasted like cardboard. At least I figured that paper products are safe to eat, so they couldn’t be that bad?

They did taste like old cardboard, but once you filled them with the hamburger meat, hot sauce, lettuce and tomatoes; they were actually not bad. After all with most hot sauces you could be eating cardboard and not know it!!!

I did know it though at four in the morning as my stomach began to churn into knots and for the next hour or so I was back and forth to the porcelain God in the bathroom.

Now I’ve learned that it does make a big difference how old something is in a box, at least with Taco shells

After cleaning out the rest of my system this morning I worked on the painting here; adding some more contrast and a basket of flowers. It’s a least ready for the crit session tonight.

Richard Boyer


  1. those wouldn't of happened to be "kroger" brand taco shells by chance would they? i had a similar incident tonight with my tacos and they had a very bitter taste and horrible smell. kind of tasted and smelled like chemicals as your wife had suggested. you can contact me at

  2. Just made tacos tonight and same problem and yes they were Kroger brand.