Friday, October 28, 2011


Last night we attended a party at Southam Gallery, they invited all the artists and spouses down for a dinner and drink to celebrate a month of good sales. They also pulled out some vintage VHS videos of their opening night thirty years ago. Many of the artists at her gallery are older than me and it was cool to see them all so young back in the eighties. Kim, Linda’s daughter was only twelve at the time they opened their doors for a show on Dan Baxter.

I remember doing a show with him up at the Kimball Arts Center in Park City eons ago. I had Randall Lake, a still life artist as a teacher during my first year at the University of Utah and several years later decided it would be good to get a little jump start on the artistic career. So with that in mind I went to the Kimball Arts Center and asked them if they would be interested in a show of some of the prominent Utah artists. They said yes; so I then went to Randall Lake told him about it and got him to ask his other colleges if they might want do the show. Dan and Ken Baxter came onboard as well as about three others. I was the unknown artist tagging along on their coat tails, but it got me some attention and a few writ-ups in the paper. As a beginner I was happy to get my foot in the door, I don’t think I sold anything, but the exposure was worth it.

Here is a small 12x16 for the Mockingbird Gallery, it still needs a little more work to the water, so that will have to wait until Monday.

Richard Boyer

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