Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday, Oct. 17

The Mockingbird Gallery is having a show at the beginning of November, so Jim, the owner wanted to know if I could do a few pieces for it. I said yes! This one I block-in last week and worked on so more today. It’s a scene up in the Cascade Range just outside of Bend, Oregon; a place called Camp Sherman.

I painted in the background pine trees and cabin rather quickly just to get the basic values started. Once I get the water in with all the highlights, then I can start to orchestrate the painting and bring up the areas that I want more detailed and blur out those parts I want to recede.

Its fall break with the kids this Thursday, so I’ll try to get most of this close to done before I leave. We have a little bike riding to do on the slick rock in Moab, Utah; which should be fun.

Richard Boyer

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